Free Travel Apps

Making life and travel easier

Learn a language, organise your travel, get the best seats, find the places to go and never get lost

Languages and translation

learn 29 languages completely free via language-learning app and website
The app’s are available for the  iPhone, Android & Windows phones

The Google app turns your smartphone into a personal translator 

 Google Translate app is available on Android and iPhone best of its free

Organise your travel

Appintheair is a flight tracking and airport assistant with online check-in.  keep friends & family updated by sharing your flight status.

Appintheair is available on iPhone, Android and Windows phones

Tripit’s free version of the app allows you to forward all your travel plans – flights, hotel reservations, car rental, restaurant bookings and so on.. 

Available on iPhone and Android


With seat frog you simply just bid to upgrade your seat plus you’ll  get exclusive access to the best seats 

Seat frog is available on iPhone and Android

Seatguru is great for picking a seat that suits you it will show you the  aircraft seat maps, seat reviews, and a colour-coded system to identify superior and substandard airline seats

Seatguru is available on iPhone and Android


Yelp is a great app for getting local knowledge on where to eat, drink and shop. It has features such as outdoor seating, free wifi, and opening hours. 

yelp is available on iPhone and Android

Tripadvisor is probably the go to review website where you can find the Lowest Prices with millions of reviews from travellers worldwide, it will help you find the ideal hotel, restaurant and places to go 

tripadvisoris Available on iPhone, and Andoird 

Getting Around

CityMapper is an excellent app for navigating public transport and walking directions Getting you from A to B  with excellent step by step instructions

CityMapper is Available on iPhone and Android

Google maps offers the most reliable routes while remaining very intuitive and easy to use. you can download maps in the offline mode to save your data when aboard 

Google maps is Available on iPhone and Android 


Skyscanner will compare cheap flights, from many airlines providers helping you save money when booking your next trip 

Skyscanner is available on iPhone and Android 

Jetradar   is a travel search engine that allows users to compare airline prices and offers, specialising in low cost airfare.

Jetradar is available on iPhone and Android 


Compare over 400,000 hotels online, with no booking Fees and Guest Reviews. is available on iPhone and Android 

Find Accommodation that suits your budget and style you can stay in Private rooms, Shared rooms, Entire homes, Caravans, Houseboats, Tree Houses.

Airbnb is available on iPhone and Android

Currency Conversion

XE Currency lets you search currencies, see trends over time 

XE Currency is available on iPhone and Android 



My Currency Converter

My Currency Converter is  simple converter with a great interface that is very easy to use and understand

My Currency Converter is available on iPhone and Android

Airport Transpoprt

The Uber app will give details of the pickup location and advise on whether the city you are in operates flat rate fares to and from the airport. 

Uber is available on iPhone,  Android and windows mobile

Hoppa is Pre-booking a taxi, private car that cuts out the uncertainty over queuing time and costs

Hoppa is available on iPhone and Android