"We Love To Have Fun, Travel and Enjoy Life. That is Why We Do What We Do."

About Us

Welcome to Alan and Judith.  We love travelling!!  At the start of 2017, we chose to go away for a couple of days to escape the dark nights and cold days.  We found £40 return flights to Valencia – where the temperature was warm enough for us to wear t-shirts and people walked round with smiles on their faces.  A couple of weeks later, when the UK was in the grip of floods and storms, we again found cheap flights – this time £30 return – and we found ourselves in Marseille. Climbing 16000 steps to the top of Le Notre Dames and later in the afternoon sitting watching the boats in the marina; we were wearing shorts, drinking wine and looking forward to eating Mussels later that evening.

Soon, friends and family started calling us Alan and Judith (not our real names!) and so that is how we were born!

Once the challenge of trying to go abroad every two weeks became a reality, we decided that we needed to spend time researching deals, flights, hotels, transport and airport parking if this was going to be a long term hobby.  We have written reports on each trip, detailing how much we paid, how we got to and from the airport, the currency, the cost of eating out, how to choose the best wine and even where to sit on the beach!!

This website will give you tested tips, advice, and suggestions so you can see more for less and make your trip a dream come true. 

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