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Nimes is one of the most overlooked destinations when we think of holidays in France, although it has been a very important geographical spot during centuries of history. We visited Nimes on a bit of a whim, purely because it was cheap. Check out how we find our cheap flights here. A once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits for you to discover. 

Nimes is the capital of the Gard department and has existed since the 2nd century B.C. In Roman times, Nimes was called Nemausus and was a Roman colony, which was a privilege given to only to some cities. This is the main reason for which there are that many Roman monuments in Nimes. But after the Roman Empire disappeared, Nimes began to lose population and importance to other near cities. Nowadays, it is the perfect place to enjoy history and the sunshine alike. 


You simply cannot visit Nimes without seeing the Roman Amphitheatre or Les Arenes. This is the most important monument in Nimes and probably the best preserved Roman theatre, or coliseum, in the world. This is because when the Roman Empire disappeared, Les Arenes was used as a fortress, in which a whole neighbourhood was established. Nowadays, the theatre is used as a bullfighting ring, and for those who are interested in bullfighting, there is a Bullfighting Museum just next to Les Arenes. 


The other important Roman must-visit in Nimes is the Maison Carrée (which translates to “Square House”). The Maison Carée used to be a Roman temple, but throughout the centuries it has served many purposes. This building has been used as town hall, church, consular house, or archive. 

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