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Escale Oceania Marseille Vieux Port was a 3-star hotel placed literally alongside the marina. An amazing location, with an awesome view of the ‘Marseille Eye’ from our bedroom window.  Although it was only the weekend of the 10/11 March, the temperature reached 24 degrees and we found ourselves, yet again, in shorts and t-shirt.  What’s not to love about impromptu weekends away?!

Alan and I had originally met in a Photography class and although it had always been classroom based, we now found ourselves with the perfect opportunity to basically snap everything outside that moved or didn’t move.  Neither of had brought a fancy camera with us and all we had was our iPhones and Alan’s new toy….the Go Pro!!!  We hadn’t really done much research about Marseille before we came away and decided to just wander about and enjoy the warmth and ambiance rather that have any strict itinerary.  We could see from the Port, the church on top of the hill and one of us had a good idea to go and check it out. So with Go-Pro in hand, carrier bag full of water and a random baguette, we made the equivalent of walking up 29 flights of stairs!  Thanks to the iPhone ‘health monitoring’ app for that information, but also to Alan’s other new toy….his Tom Tom watch for informing us that this was in fact 16,196 steps.  The church was, in fact, the Marseille version of the Notre-Dame de la Garde.  Honest to God, I have no idea how in the year 1214 they managed to build something so magnificent but “kudos” to all those who had to climb every one of those steps.

Thankfully, what goes up, has to come down and eventually we did and retired for a short nap to recuperate.  Later on that evening we found an amazing restaurant called Collins. This is the surname of Alans best friend, so he thought it appropriate to eat there.  Fifteen euros for Mussels and frites and they were delicious!

Flights from £30 rtn

Accomodation From £70

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