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Our trip to Szczecin in Poland, was as usual, a last minute decision.  Our last holiday had been to Varna in Bulgaria and we had returned over 4 weeks ago, so we kind of felt under pressure to book somewhere soon! September is a good month to travel, as the price of flights fall considerably and the weather is mostly still reasonable in most European destinations.

After our visits to Budapest (Hungary) and Varna (Bulgaria) we really wanted to try another country in Eastern Europe, so finding the cheap flights to Szczecin was amazing. Only £28 pounds each for a return flight from our local airport of Luton to Szczecin which is in the north of Poland. Flights all booked (uh oh, Wizzair again – someone won’t be happy!) and then a search on AirBnB and we found a beautiful apartment in the City for only £22 a night – then the fun began.  Judith decided to have a quick look to see how we get to the City Centre and realised that the airport is actually 40km outside and a taxi would be the equivalent of £25 each way: that’s more than our flights!! A quick message to the AirBnB host and a friend Judith has in Poland and we found out there was a direct bus for only £3!! What a bargain! So only £96 in total for 2 people, 2 nights and transport!!


We are notorious for getting lost, even in places where everyone tells us it’s impossible to do so. Fortunately, the town of Szczecin is made for people like us: there is a yellow line literally painted on the ground to follow around the contours of its old town, and although we actually didn’t spot the yellow line until the day after, it seemed that we followed the route pretty well.  The weather was mild and we got up early to explore. The yellow line was basically a straight line and led us to the Jan Kasprowicz Park.

Poland is awesome. Seriously. cafés accept credit cards for small purchases, Topshop exists in Polish malls, beer is cheap, the food is deliciously unhealthy and the old town squares are full of colourful row houses. So even when it’s grey, cold and/or wet outside, the architecture is enough to keep you cheery.  Anything can be pretty. It’s easy to find beauty in just about anything these days. Don’t be afraid to get lost. With little to no objective for the day, we explored aimlessly. Szczecin is a small enough city that getting around by foot was easy enough.

We weren’t sure what to do in the evening as we were both quite tired, so Judith messaged the Host and he suggested Cafe 22 just a short walk away.  It was on the 22nd floor of the tallest building in Szczecin.  Upstairs was a cafe which had panoramic views of the city and you could walk all the way round – we were half expecting it to revolve!! The cafe was open until 11pm and although there were only a few dishes (salad or burger) for a main dish, there was a vast dessert list alongwith a good choice of cocktails and beers. Our bill came to the equivalent of £22 but that included 2 beers, one cocktail, one coke, one burger and a salad – pretty reasonable we thought!

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