Toulouse France



By Una

Toulouse France

A trip to Toulouse in France For £20 each we were on a win-win holiday! In fact it cost us more in petrol to get to the airport and stay there the night before than it did for the whole holiday.  

Well if you like staying next to a strip club in a seedy part of town then our hotel is for you! We always wonder why such great reviews are written about a hotel and then when you get there the reality is very different.  The Occitania Centre Toulouse Matabiau was a disappointment to say the least; see our review on 


However, it’s not all bad and a strip joint and hotel for   hookers shouldn’t put you off from visiting Toulouse. What has beautiful red-brick architecture, a hip-vibe and is the 4th largest city in France after Paris , Marseille and Lyon?  Toulouse itself is known as a center of aviation and spaceflight in the past 20 years – also the home of the famous Airbus.

One thing that Alan and I did a lot of in Toulouse was walking.  

There are so many sights to see, the architecture is amazing

and we were also very lucky to stumble upon many nice

restaurants and cafes.  One day in particular we got slightly

lost and thanks to the ‘activity tracker’ on Alans phone, he had

a record of our tour!


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