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Our Journey to Travel Blogging

Back in February 2017, Alan and Judith started their challenge of trying to find the cheapest weekends away, much to the envy of friends and family.  After each trip we started to write about the hotel, airport and even the airline and before too long decided that maybe travel blogging would be the way forward in helping others find fantastic deals.  Alan and Judith don’t have professional experience in either writing or IT, but somehow through reading many articles and researching on the web, we found a way of putting together this website for you all to enjoy.  We also have a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter pages so please do have a look!

 Many bloggers publish books and advice on how to start a travel blog, or even a youtube video, but we have also found some books that might be helpful as follows

We haven’t read  these so can’t give a review but if you do then please contact us so we can put it on our website!!