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Travel Insurance

  • Buy as soon as you’ve booked to cover cancellation and pre-trip illness
  • Never assume all policies are the same
  • Going away twice or more this year? Annual cover is cheaper
  • Going to Europe? Don’t forget your FREE EHIC
  • If you’re an older traveller, or there is one in your group, consider a separate policy
  • Check if a couples or family policy is cheaper than individual policies
  • Always declare your medical conditions, or your claim may be rejected
  • If you’ve had even ONE drink, it can invalidate any claim
  • Don’t overpay on your insurance. Costlier cover is rarely worth it
  • Insurance from a travel agent could cost seven times more
  • Travelling for more than two months? You’ll need specialist ‘backpacker’ insurance
  • Going on a cruise? You’re likely to need an add-on to your policy to be fully covered

When you’re booking flights, be sure to clear your cookies or go “incognito” if you’re using Google Chrome.

Travel sites will often track your visits and can raise the prices on you just because you’ve visited their site before

Book Two One-Way Flights

It can be cheaper to book two one-way flights as opposed to one round trip. You can look through a bunch of different airlines and find individual flights at the times (and prices!) that work best for you.

Fly In the Morning

Turbulence and storms usually occur in the afternoon, so if you like your flights smooth, it’s best to fly early in the morning. It’s not the most popular option, I know. But that’ll help you on another level. Because early flights aren’t as popular, they tend to be a little cheaper

Bring Baby Alcohol Bottles

Life-changer alert: Baby bottles of alcohol contain fewer than three ounces of liquid, meaning they can waltz easily through security.

Scan Your IDs

It’s a good rule of thumb to scan your passport, driver’s license, and any other ID you’re carrying with you on your trip. In case you lose it or it’s stolen, you’ll have a record of it. Email the pics to yourself too! If your phone gets lost, you’ll be able to retrieve them using a computer or someone else’s phone.

Take an Empty Water Bottle

Avoid paying seven dollars for a bottle of water at the airport by bringing your own empty bottle. You can’t bring a full bottle through security — they’ll confiscate it — but you can bring an empty bottle and fill it up at a water fountain

To the Left, To the Left!

Always hit up the security checkpoint farthest to the left. Studies have shown that most people flock like sheep to the right-hand side. So go left. Save time. Be different.

Charge Your Phone Through the TV

If you forget that pesky wall charger, never fear! TVs in airports and hotels very often have a USB port, and you can plug right into it.

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